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Effortless lone worker solution with no commitment

Companies rely on Neovigie to achieve their workplace safety goals. Our vision: A lone worker alert system must be simple and quick to deploy and easy to use. Our solution is stress-free, effortless and commitment-free! Neovigie uses the latest technologies to provide maximum safety with minimum constraints.

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Headquartered in Toulouse, France, where one of the largest engineering pools in Europe is located, Neovigie gathers the best talents for R&D, production and online support.

Certifications & Awards :
Neovigie received the Préventica PARIS 2022 Innovation Award for its lone worker device VigieLink.

Lone workers : get into compliance!

Compliance with working law

Company managers have many legal and regulatory obligations regarding the safety and protection of workers. Neovigie helps SMEs and large groups to fulfill their obligations by providing employees with a reliable alert system to warn the emergency services in case of accident or aggression.

Compliance with GDPR

A PTI solution must not infringe on the privacy of your employees. Our solution has undergone a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to evaluate and limit the risks of infringement of the rights and freedoms of individuals. In addition, our Data Protection Officer (DPO) continuously monitors the compliance of our solution with the GDPR. In order to respect the privacy of users, lone workers are only located in case of alarm.

User, protection of personal data

The NEOVIGIE solution is compliant with Regulation 2016/679, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

User, protection of personal data

Lone worker solution for professionals

Our equipment, designed from the outset with resilience and maximum resistance to external threats in mind, provides an ultra-secure working environment for your employees and your communications. Our solution complies with the recommendations of the ANSSI's General Security Reference framework to ensure data protection against cyber-attacks.

Quality, equipment reliability: all our products are made in France. NEOVIGIE also benefits from the know-how of its sister company Icom France, supplier of ultra robust equipment in sectors where resistance is a key factor (Construction, Water & Forestry...).

Everyone can receive alarms directly on his/her devices to become an actor of the company's security and to react more quickly without waiting for help.

Expertise and confidence of LPI Group

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LPI has 50 years of experience in the creation, development, production and marketing of high-tech communication systems with its subsidiary Icom France.

  • A commercial network developed throughout the major European countries and in Africa.
  • A perfect knowledge of safety issues thanks to the prestigious clients of the group.
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