Lone workers: Neovigie solution

The Neovigie solution

NEOVIGIE is a company of the LPI group. Based in Toulouse (France), in the heart of one of the largest engineering pools in Europe, the LPI group has nearly 60 employees.

ICOM FRANCE and SORRAC are specialized in the sale of professional radiocommunication equipment. With its experience on the national and international market, LPI has been a major player in radiocommunication for 40 years.

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Radio: a family business

Originally, a doctor, who was passionate about radio, communicated across the oceans with his radio equipment. He meets another radio amateur thousands of miles away. This meeting opened the prospect of a change in his professional life. The company ICOM FRANCE was founded in 1975 and marketed its first Japanese-made radiocommunication products. It is then a real family story that is played out. Forty years later, his sons are at the head of a group that has become an expert in the field of radio and telecommunications. The group has always been established in Occitania, and its teams have grown steadily over the years. The historical employees, true pillars, welcome new recruits every year in a family, sincere and passionate spirit. Human values, high standards and quality of work are the DNA of LPI and its companies.

Innovation at the service of performance

Constantly in the field looking for customers satisfaction, Neovigie designs thanks to the feedback of the users the tools of the future. Recently, the team saw the growing need for lone workers safety solutions. Engineers have therefore thought about the creation of a dedicated solution using radio technology to enhance the safety of employees. NEOVIGIE was born ! It brings together the best talents from R&D, production and online support. After a long study of the subject, the NEOVIGIE teams have developed a product perfectly adapted to the protection of lone workers.
Their will? To propose a high quality solution that respects privacy. By working from the perspective of Privacy & Secure by design, NEOVIGIE offers a secure tool against cyber-attacks and guarantees the protection of personal data. A work and a solution largely rewarded in 2018 by the 1st Orange Developper Challenge Prize for its protection device for agents in stations.

Protection for lone workers: the choice that suits you

NEOVIGIE offers a range of lone workers safety systems that allow the employer to secure employees.
NEOVIGIE stands out by offering the possibility to opt for VigieApp®, a smartphone application compatible with phones running iOS and Android, or for the VigieLink® device dedicated to the protection of lone workers. Thanks to Neovigie, employees are fully available to carry out their missions. Moreover, the VigieControl® management platform allows easy access to the functionalities of the NEOVIGIE solution and ensures a high level of service quality. With its "à la carte" solution offering maximum security and a real concentrate of technology, NEOVIGIE asserts its identity in a rapidly developing market. The brand imposes its expertise and leadership quality.

Lone workers: Neovigie solution