Lone worker mobile app | Lone Worker Protection and Alarm Management

VigieApp® is a smartphones application for lone worker available on iOS and Android. This lone worker app improves the safety and security of workers.
It can be used by employees at the office, working remotely or travelling outside the company.

Once installed on an employee's phone, VigieApp® application can transmit lone worker alarms to the NEOVIGIE monitoring system. Thanks to the app, your employees can work more safely. They feel confident knowing they have an alert system in case of a problem.

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Application PTI, solution professionnelle pour les travailleurs isolés

Manage up to 8 different types of lone worker alarms: panic button, man down, motionless, geofencing, connectivity loss, low battery...

SOS alarm

An alarm button on VigieApp® can trigger a SOS alarm. The VigieTouch bluetooth button can also trigger a manual alarm without having to unlock the smartphone.

Fall detection

A high-performance algorithm, unique in Europe, based on artificial intelligence using data from the smartphone's sensors can detect the user's fall.

Geofencing In

It is possible to set GPS zones on the map or on a plan and to associate an alarm event with them. The alarm is triggered when the user enters a risk zone.


Allows you to launch a countdown at the end of which an alarm will be triggered if the user does'nt check-in. This function is very useful for managing zone without GSM signal.

VigeApp gestion d'événements d'alarmes

Connectivity loss

NEOVIGIE monitors the connectivity between the smartphone and the servers. In case of loss of connection, an alarm is automatically triggered.


The application can detect that the phone is motionless after a configurable period. This detection allows to complete the fall detection for cases where the person would be unwell without necessarily falling.

Geofencing out

It is possible to set GPS zones on the map or on a plan and to associate an alarm event with them. The alarm is triggered when the user leaves a secured zone to indicate that he is in danger.

Low Battery

A low battery alarm can be triggered if the phone is not powered, and its battery level falls below a certain threshold set by the administrator.

Locate your lone workers in all circumstances with the GPS of the smartphone or with Bluetooth beacons network inside buildings

Localisation des travailleurs isolés, GPS du smartphone PTI ou grâce au Bluetooth
localisation du travailleur isolé grâce au GPS

VigieApp® locates the lone worker in case of an alarm triggered by GPS

VigieApp® uses the smartphone's GPS receiver to transmit the lone worker's position in the event of an alarm.

Balises bluetooth installées dans les bâtiments

Bluetooth beacons installed in buildings can be used to locate lone workers indoors.

In buildings where GPS signal reception is not good, an optional Bluetooth beacon system can be used to accurately locate people in distress. The beacons are powered by a battery that guarantees several years of autonomy and simplifies installation.

Reduce false fall detection alarms of the app with a high-performance algorithm based on artificial intelligence

False alarms are the main reason why users lose confidence in alarm devices.

Reduction of false alarms. Fall detection is the most common source of false alarms. However, it is also one of the most important features to improve worker safety that should not be disabled.

Fall detection with a high-performance algorithm

VigieApp® integrates a fall detection algorithm unique in Europe. This algorithm is based on the modelling of falls simulated by volunteers and has been developed with an artificial intelligence learning system. Thanks to this innovation, the number of false alarms is considerably reduced, and user confidence is reinforced.

Adapt the level of protection to the risk to which the lone worker is exposed

niveau de protection PTI par rapport au risque du travailleur isolé - Neovigie

The lone worker application has two levels of protection to adapt to the lone worker's mission.

  • Standard level: Level of protection adapted to tasks without risks (remote work, meeting...)

  • High level: High level adapted to the performance of potentially risky tasks (maintenance, night work, etc.). The detection modes and their sensitivity level are reinforced according to the settings defined by the administrator.

    The level of protection can be selected by the user from his lone worker application, or automatically according to the location of the lone worker.

    For more flexibility, the change of protection level can also be programmed automatically after a certain time. In practice if the user forgets to switch back to the Reinforced level.

Download the app from the Android or Apple stores and transform immediately your phone into a great lone worker solution.

The VigieApp® app can be deployed very quickly. The lone worker app runs on iOS or Android and is available on the Apple or Google stores.

A VigieApp® application is not limited to a specific phone but to a user who identifies himself with a login and a password when he starts working. Several users can thus use the same service smartphone while being distinctly identified and having their own parameters.

A user with a problem with his phone can connect to any other phone to start his duty and activate his protection without having to reprogram the equipment.

Application disponible sur Appstore ou Google Playstore

Improve the protection of your employees in case of assault with VigieTouch or the smartphone hardware buttons

It is not always possible to trigger a SOS alarm from your smartphone in case of assault. To face these situations it is possible to trigger a lone worker alarm directly with a dedicated button on the smartphone or with a Bluetooth button.

Amélioration des protections pour les travailleurs isolés - Bouton bluetooth sans fil ou smartphone

Phones from CrossCall and Samsung's Xcover have a panic button that can be used by lone workers to raise an alarm in case of attack.

The side buttons on some phones can be programmed to trigger the alarm directly by pushing them without having to unlock the phone.

Amélioration des protections pour les travailleurs isolés - Bouton bluetooth sans fil ou smartphone

VigieTouch is an optional Bluetooth alarm button that allows you to quickly and discreetly trigger an alarm in the event of an attack.

Lone workers can use the VigeTouch Bluetooth button to trigger a lone worker alarm quickly and discreetly in the event of an attack even if the phone is locked. VigieTouch works up to 50 meters away from the smartphone (depending on the environment). VigieTouch has a battery life of 3 years before it needs to be replaced.

Simplify the work of your security officers by giving them the possibility to receive, view and process alarms triggered by lone workers directly from VigieApp®

VigieApp® combines a powerful lone worker device and a simple and complete alarm management tool in a single application.

Simplification de l'utilisation - recevoir, visualiser et traiter les alarmes directement sur l'application

Alarms triggered by the lone worker device are transmitted directly to the applications in order to inform all security officers in real time of the evolution of the situation.

All the essential information related to an alarm is available on VigieApp® to help isolated workers in a quick and efficient way.

PTI alarms can be acknowledged directly from the VigieApp® smartphone application.

Security officers can establish a hands-free communication with the victim to check the situation.

Send alarm notifications on several communication channels: email, SMS, voice call... to increase the security of your employees equipped with a lone worker device

Alarms triggered from VigieApp® can be transmitted through many communication channels: voice call, SMS, push notification, email, remote monitoring system notification. Multi-channel notification provides the necessary redundancy to a security system. Alarm notifications are not sent by the smartphone of the person in distress, which might not be in working order, but exclusively by the Neovigie servers, which guarantee a high level of availability.

notification tel

Direct notification: Alarms are sent to all applications by Neovigie.

notification tel

Email: An email with all the important information for the lone worker alarm is sent to each security officer.

notification tel

SMS : An SMS is sent to each security officer with a hyperlink to display the position of the lone worker.

notification tel

Text-to-speech: A telephone call with a message on pick-up, spoken by a voice synthesizer, with all the elements necessary is sent to assist the victim.

notification tel

Web platform: VigieControl receives in real time all alarms triggered by users.

Call the lone worker directly on his smartphone to check the situation. Record the call for evidence purposes.

Check: Establishing a call directly on the VigieApp® application without the user having to pick up the phone in the event that the user is unconscious.

VigieApp® integrates an interface allowing it to receive calls through the GSM network or even through a simple Wi-fi link, which is particularly useful for area without GSM signal. This function allows a security officer who receives an alarm to immediately contact the lone worker to carry out a check. The call is optimized to handle situations in which the user would not be able to answer: automatic pick-up and speakerphone activation.

Recording: Call may be recorded within a strict legal framework for analysis and evidence in the event of an accident or assault.

If the call confirms the emergency, an audio recording of the event will make it possible to analyze the circumstances of the accident or the aggression and to have means of proof at the disposal of justice.

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Qualification des alarmes PTI directement sur votre smatphone pour enregistrer ou effectuer une levée de doute

Manage your alarm directly or select an alarm receiving centre (ARC)

Neovigie offre la possibilité de transmette les alarmes au poste de sécurité de l’entreprise

Neovigie offers the possibility to transmit alarms of lone workers to the company's security officer or to other collaborators. Each procedure follows an emergency call chain adapted to the situation according to a predefined schedule.

Neovigie dispose d'un Plugin pour communiquer directement avec les serveurs de la société Securitas.

Neovigie has a “Plugin” to communicate directly with the Securitas servers and synchronize the monitoring and processing of alarms.

Choose a 2.0 lone worker solution to manage the safety of workers easily

Simplifiez la gestion de votre parc PTI grâce au paramétrage en ligne

Simplify the management of your fleet with online configuration and update all your applications in real time.

Visualisez toutes les alarmes pour agir au plus vite

Visualize all the alarms very easily thanks to the Kanban display allowing you to organize their follow-up to act quickly to help lone workers.

Réalisez des rapports pour analyser l’utilisation de vos dispositifs PTI

Create rich reports to analyze lone worker usage.

Give yourself a choice: For workers who do not have a smartphone or who need a higher level of protection, Neovigie offers a lone worker device

The VigieLink, a real technology package, offers the same security features as the VigieApp® application in a robust and waterproof dedicated case. Produced in-house, the box is 100% integrated into the Neovigie solution.

DATI intégré pour les travailleurs en disposant pas de smartphone ou si beosin d'un niveau de protection renforcé - Neovigie DATI VigieLink

Choose a global solution that integrates all your use cases: lone worker app, lone worker device, web-based monitoring centre

Neovigie is probably the only company on the market to offer such a complete lone woker solution, capable of covering all your needs. All developments are done in-house to guarantee a perfect control of the solution from end to end without intermediaries.


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Protect the privacy of your employees by choosing a lone worker solution compliant with the GDPR

The safety of lone workers must not be at the expense of their privacy. Neovigie has been designed from the start to preserve this confidentiality and to make available only the information necessary to help the lone worker.

Utilisateur, protection des données personelles

The NEOVIGIE solution is compliant with Regulation 2016/679, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.