Neovigie’s Lone Worker Panic Alarm Feature

Ensure your workers' safety against the risk of aggression.

Lone worker panic alarm feature

Overview of Neovigie's Lone Worker Panic Alarm System 

Neovigie offers a Bluetooth panic button that works in combination with Neovigie App. Once connected to the phone, the button enables rapid alerts to be triggered at the click of a button in the event of aggression. The lone worker panic alarm provided by this button is the ideal safety accessory for any lone worker exposed to the risk of aggression: social workers, night workers, hospital workers, receptionists, bus drivers, school staff...

Comprehensive Safety with Neovigie's Panic Alarm

One-Touch Lone Worker Panic Button 

VigieTouch is a manual alarm button, also known as a panic button. It enables lone workers to trigger a rapid alarm in dangerous or emergency situations. It is a complementary accessory to the VigieApp mobile application, as it is attached to a specific smartphone.

When workers find themselves in a risky situation, they can quickly press the panic button. An alarm is immediately triggered, alerting the relevant supervisors so that help can be provided as quickly as possible.

Depending on its settings, it can also be used to perform other actions. The VigieTouch can be used to terminate a pre-alarm, thus avoiding the triggering of false alarms. It can also be used as a check-point during a mission. Here again, the aim is to facilitate the use of the protection device by the worker and to respond effectively to the needs of the lone worker using the panic alarm.

One-Touch Lone Worker Panic Button
push notification

Push notification:

Alarms are sent to all applications by Neovigie

email notification


An email is sent to each security officer

sms notification


An SMS is sent to each security officer with a hyperlink to display the position of the lone

Text-to-speech: A telephone call with a message on pick-up, spoken by a voice synthesizer, with all the elements necessary is sent to assist the victim

Automatic call:

Automatic phone call and audio message

Ensuring Worker Safety with Multi-Channel Notifications

Alarms triggered from VigieApp can be transmitted via a wide range of communication channels: Voice call, SMS, Push notification, Email, remote monitoring system notification.

Multi-channel notifications provide the redundancy essential to a security system. Alarm notifications are not sent by the smartphone of the person in distress, which may not be in working order, but exclusively by Neovigie servers, which guarantee a high level of availability.

Advanced Technologies Behind Neovigie Alarms

Neovigie offers a Bluetooth panic button. Once connected to the phone, the button enables rapid alerts to be triggered at the click of a button in the event of aggression. The panic button is the ideal safety accessory for anyone exposed to the risk of aggression: social workers, night workers, hospital workers, receptionists, bus drivers, school staff...

Fast Bluetooth Syncs with VigieApp

The VigieTouch button is easy to use and requires no additional installation. It uses the latest technology and can trigger an alarm up to 50 meters away from the cell phone. Once paired, it can trigger a manual alarm without unlocking it in total discretion. This will trigger an alert on his app, which will also be transmitted directly to his supervisors.

Programmable button

In addition to the manual alarm, the VigieTouch can trigger other actions. Actions can be programmed with a single or double click to start a lifeline, change the protection level, or check-in. The VigieTouch is no longer just a panic button but a real extension of the VigieApp lone worker app.

Extra long battey life

The panic button has an autonomy of 3 years and does not need to be recharged, freeing workers from this constraint. Recharging panic buttons is the leading cause of failure for these devices.

Accessories to Fit All Lone Worker’s Mission

The VigieTouch can be useful for various types of lone workers and missions. However, since it is an additional accessory to be worn permanently during working hours, the attachment system needs to be adapted to workers' needs. We offer a wide range of fasteners: the clip, the bracelet, the fabric clip and the lanyard.

The Bluetooth button can be fitted if the worker needs a quick, discreet or easily accessible means of alerting. They can choose how they want to attach it, or even change it to suit the tasks they're doing, for greater comfort and convenience.

The VigieTouch button, which is added to the VigieApp mobile application, enables this permanent adabtability as well as ever finer and more precise protection for the worker. This equipment enhances the worker's reactivity in the face of dangerous situations and ultimately increases his or her level of protection, making it an integral part of the lone worker panic alarm system.

women wearing vigie touch buttons with accessories: metal clip, wristband and textile clip

Metal Clip

Metal Clip


Attachment system for a wide range of uses: pants, necklace, key ring.

Attach easily

Extremely easy-to-position system

Discret use

Ideal accessory for quick, discreet use.



Secure Attachment

Double locking system to guarantee reliable attachment.

Water and Dust Resistance

The bracelet makes the panic button waterproof and dustproof.

Direct Access to the Button

Access to the button is greatly facilitated by its presence on the user's wrist.

Textile Clip

Textile Clip

Textile friendly

Compatible with all textiles. Very practical for workers in work clothes

Attach anywhere

Extremely practical system that can literally be attached to any fabric.

Easy to remove

The locking system allows the accessory to be hooked and unhooked at will.

Reliability and Redundancy of Alarm Notifications

Panic button connection check

Each time the VigieTouch lone worker panic button is launched, it checks the status of its connection with the VigieApp application. A test is also requested by the application to ensure that it is working properly. In the event of untimely disconnection, the VigieApp appplicaiton will emit an audible notification to alert the user.

High Availability of Neovigie Servers for Constant Protection

The software architecture of the Neovigie platform was designed from the outset to offer a high level of resilience. The solution is hosted on several servers organized in a cluster. If one of the servers becomes inoperative, the solution continues to operate at full capacity with the other servers. A micro-service organization also guarantees total independence between all services, enhancing the solution's performance and stability.

Location Tracking and Response Optimization

In the event of an alarm, it is essential to be able to locate the lone worker in real time, so as to be able to provide rapid assistance. This can be done using the phone's GPS receiver. Where precise location is required in buildings, Bluetooth beacons can be installed to provide precise location.

Localization of lone workers, GPS from the lone worker smartphone or through Bluetooth
location of the lone worker thanks to GPS

GPS-Enabled Positioning for Accurate Locating

The cell phone is equipped with a GPS receiver. When an alarm is triggered, as with the panic button, VigieApp will transmit the GPS position to the Neovigie server. As soon as the lone worker presses his panic button, his GPS position is communicated to his supervisors. Once this position has been communicated, supervisors can locate the lone worker and organize help without wasting time.

Bluetooth beacons installed in buildings

Integration of Indoor Positioning with Bluetooth Beacon Technology

GPS positioning is not always precise enough. It can't pinpoint the position of a lone worker in a building. To reinforce safety in factories and hospitals, it is possible to add indoor location beacons. Neovigie VigiePoint are battery-powered bluetooth beacons. They have an autonomy of 3 years.

Privacy and Data Protection in Emergency Situations

At Neovigie, user privacy is a top priority! Our lone worker platform is built with a privacy-by-design approach. We've implemented a data privacy agreement to ensure compliance with GDPR and Canada privacy regulations.

For instance, we retain user data for just 60 days to minimize exposure in case of a data breach.

Additionally, we only display sensitive information, such as GPS location, when it's essential during an alarm. Our solution includes features like the check-in module, specifically designed to meet OHS regulations.

User, protection of personal data

Manage Your Lone Worker Alarms Directly

Alarm monitoring center

Alarm monitoring center

When a lone worker triggers an alarm, it is sent directly to predefined internal supervisors.

These supervisors are selected in advance and organized by rank to avoid notifying all of them simultaneously. If the first supervisor does not respond, the next one is notified, and so on. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email, push notification, or voice call.

These various notification methods allow us to accommodate individual preferences and ensure prompt rescue for the lone worker.

Usage and alarms reports

Usage and alarms reports

Supervisors also have access to a comprehensive array of reports, allowing them to analyze triggered alarms and understand the risk situations their lone workers face.

By notifying supervisors directly, we eliminate intermediaries and reduce the time needed to rescue the worker.

Additionally, internal monitoring ensures a thorough understanding of issues and situations, as supervisors are directly involved in their workers' tasks.

Why use VigieTouch Panic Button ?

The panic button can be used to declare danger in all kinds of situations. We recommend equipping isolated workers who are likely to come under attack.

In this case, we also recommend the use of a wristband to attach the button, which enables it to be triggered more discreetly. It is also useful in situations of imminent danger, where the worker would waste too much time picking up the phone to trigger an alarm.

Depending on the type of mission, the attachment makes the panic button as accessible as possible. The VigieTouch can also be very useful for workers using the mission module, who need to validate check-points at regular intervals.

Here again, it facilitates adherence to the protection protocols in place. It's an extension of the mobile application, adaptable and effective.

physical assault on a worker