VigieControl Cutting-Edge Lone Worker Platform

Elevate lone worker protection with VigieControl, your real time monitoring platform.

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Cutting-Edge Lone Worker Platform

Manage your alerts wherever you are thanks to the SaaS mode!

The VigieControl® management web portal allows easy access to all the services of the Neovigie lone worker platform: visualization of the status of terminals and alarms in progress, location of lone workers in difficulty, setting of different types of alarms for each user or for a group of users, definition of alarm procedures to be applied in case of emergency.

Manage your alerts wherever you are
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Realtime tracking

In case of alarms, users can be located by their GPS position on a map to provide assistance.

SMS notification

In the event of an alarm trigger, it is possible to send an SMS message to one or several persons according to a predefined order to warn them of the distress situation.

Push notification

The persons in charge of supervision and security can install the app on their Android or iPhone smartphone to receive and acknowledge alarms directly.

Telephone notification

It is possible to notify the triggering of an alarm to the security officer by an automatic telephone call.

Email notification

In addition to the other means of alerts, alarm triggers can be notified by sending one or more emails to the security personnel in charge.

Monitoring supervisory

Our lone worker system ensures prompt response to alarms by directly alerting predefined internal supervisors through various communication features like SMS, email, push notification and voice calls. If one supervisor doesn’t respond, the next in line is notified.

This process reduces response time and ensures quick rescue. Supervisors also have access to comprehensive reports for analyzing risk situations faced by their lone workers. By eliminating intermediaries, we improve efficiency and supervisors get more accurate information about their workers’ assignments.

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Intuitive management

The VigieControl lone worker protection software has been designed to allow intuitive management. The essential functions for managing alarms are accessible by a single click. The platform is accessible from any Web browser without installing specific software.

Alarm procedures

Dynamically manage your alarm procedures to designate who should be contacted in the event of an alarm.

Protection profiles

Instantly configure the protection profile and update your entire fleet.


Define duty schedules to activate their protection automatically.

Activity reports

Analyze your lone workers usage to develop your company's safety culture.

Board application

VigieControl's Expert Support & Training

At Neovigie, we support and help our customers with their OHS procedures. We offer a range of training options to help you better understand the solution.

Our onboarding program is designed to be sure you get the full benefit of our solution. It includes access to diverse training formats tailored to your convenience, from online sessions to personalized in-person workshops and video tutorials.

Our teams also provide online support, ready to answer any questions.

Experience unparalleled accessibility to technical support, rapid responsiveness, and customized training to maximize your success with our lone worker safety solution.

VigieControl's support & training

Our Solution helps companies to protect lone workers

Software security and compliance blueprint

Our Lone Worker Software Security and Compliance Blueprint

For Neovigie, user privacy matters! Our lone worker platform has been developed following a privacy-by-design process. We have also established a data privacy agreement to comply with GDPR and Canada privacy regulations.

For example, we only keep users’ data for 60 days to limit exposure in case of data leakage as much as possible.

We also display sensitive data like GPS position only when necessary in case of alarm. Our solution offers features like the check-in module specifically tailored to match OHSA regulations.

The Impact of VigieControl on Our Clients

96% of our customers are satisfied with our solution! More than 300 world-class enterprises have been able to deploy our solution quickly and provide protection to all their workers in one day!

The benefit is immediate! We give workers and their supervisors peace of mind! Many customers send positive feedback.

Our web platform, equipped with lone worker monitoring software, allows supervisors to oversee workers at one glance and manage rescue immediately in case of an alert.

Impact on our clients

Our lone worker monitoring software solutions

Neovigie is an alarm management platform for professionals. It consists of a secure server hosted in the cloud, which can be accessed by a web browser, and three types of warning devices to adapt to the needs of all employees: a smartphone lone worker safety application compatible with phones with an iOS or Android operating system, a watch app, and a tablet app.

Vigieapp for mobile Neovigie

VigieApp® for mobile

VigieApp for watch Neovigie

VigieApp for watch

VigieApp for tablet Neovigie

VigieApp® for tablet

Understanding VigieControl Pricing

The Neovigie lone worker software acts like a safety companion for lone workers equipped with it, providing rapid assistance in a hazardous situation.

It consists of two elements: the smartphone or stand-alone watch application and the alarm center platform that enables supervisors to manage alarms and their settings. Pricing is based on monthly subscriptions per user.

We don’t have a minimum of user requirements, we don’t charge for server usage or training, and we don’t have any hidden costs. This straightforward pricing policy gives a highly scalable and easy way to manage your budget for the safety of your lone workers.

Understanding VigieControl pricing