We protect lone
workers from hazards!

  • Detect accidents and workplace violence
  • Automatically call the emergency services
  • Restore confidence in your staff
Protect your lone workers
Protect your lone workers
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The best solution
for lone workers
you have ever seen!

Employers use Neovigie to keep the staff safe, ensure its good health and restore confidence.
Neovigie revolutionizes lone workers' protection and safety. We use unique technology to protect your employees and deal with all hazards. Our products are engineered to detect risks like man down, violence, and hazards. Emergency alerts will be simultaneously transmitted to all your operators directly through our servers.

Scale up your employees’ safety with our easily deployable safety tool. Remember, equipment that isn't user-friendly won't be used, even in emergencies! We have successfully provided a professional-grade solution with remarkable simplicity, eliminating the need for extensive training. With our system, robust safety measures become a breeze.
Safety as a Service
We provide a software as a service solution. This means that our system do not requires installation or maintenance. You can adjust your configuration on the fly directly from your web interface.
Check-in procedure
Simplify your check-in procedure. With VigieApp, let your employees check-in and give their location. Monitor their check-point regularly to keep in touch and provide assistance in the event of an accident or assault.
Privacy Policy
Respecting employee privacy is one of our core values. Our servers collects only essentials data to provide our security service. The data collected don't go public, all datasare encrypted and stored on secure servers.
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Features that make us unique

Worker fall detection

Maximize worker safety with our high-performance algorithm, specifically trained on real-world fall data, significantly reducing false alarms. With falls posing one of the greatest hazards in the workplace, our innovative systems focus on this critical issue, offering unprecedented accuracy in accident detection and risk mitigation, thereby elevating safety standards and fostering a secure working environment.


Boost your employees' safety with our advanced system. This innovative solution includes an automatic reminder feature, reminding staff to activate their safety measures at predetermined times. It's simple yet effective, significantly reducing hazards associated with human error and increasing overall safety. Our system makes safety routines effortless, ensuring a more secure workplace environment.

Safety phone call

This unique feature allows you to call the worker's phone without them needing to physically answer the call. This is especially crucial in situations where the worker might be unable to answer the call due to an accident, threat, or incapacitation. Our system ensures that you can still establish a line of communication, listen to the surrounding environment, and assess the situation, facilitating a timely response.

Insight reporting

Ensure worker safety with our insightful reports on user data usage. These tools help gauge your employees’ engagement, aiding in identifying those needing further training or safety assessment. Make informed decisions, limit risks, and uphold a robust safety culture with our system.

Zone without mobile coverage

Ensure your lone worker's safety even in areas without a network by connecting VigieApp seamlessly to a satellite device. Protect your lone workers in areas without a network by connecting VigieApp seamlessly to a satellite device. The lifeline and check-in functions also maintain regular contact with the lone worker despite the absence of a network.


By certifying your employees' devices with SMS, we enable them to activate their protection with a mere click. This effortless action reduces potential physical hazards and ensures a safer environment. Our approach transforms everyday devices into robust safety tools, promoting both ease of use and the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a click away. It's a smart, straightforward way to keep your employees safe and secure.

Multi-channel alerting

This multiple communication channels approach ensures that critical alerts are received promptly, reducing physical hazards and enhancing overall safety. Whether it's through email, text message, or app notification, our system guarantees the delivery of vital safety information when it matters the most. It's a comprehensive, reliable method to keep your workforce safe and well-informed.

Remote monitoring

Experience the heightened safety offered by our partnership with Securitas, assuring non-stop management of your lone worker alarms. By tapping into their reputed 24/7 monitoring center, we add an unmatched layer of vigilance and speed. This synergistic relationship heightens hazard awareness and enhances safety protocols, ensuring optimal protection for your lone workers, mitigating risks, and prioritizing their well-being around the clock.

Indoor location

Our precise indoor location system gives your employees' location within buildings, right down to the specific floor, facilitating swift response in potential or actual hazard scenarios. This advanced tool not only saves critical time for rescue teams but also provides your staff with the reassurance that help can reach them quickly when needed. It's a crucial aspect of comprehensive safety measures, designed to mitigate risks and provide prompt aid in the face of physical threats.

Configuration steps

Step 1
I send my test
request online.
Step 2
I configure my customer account with Neovigie in less than 1 hour.
Step 3
My employees activate their new safety solution by SMS in 1 click.


Many of you have asked us about the safety of lone workers and how to protect them from hazards. Please find here our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which smartphones are compatible with the Neovigie solution?

The VigieApp mobile application is available for smartphones running Android (version 8 and above) and iPhone (iOS 12 and above).

Does VigieApp have a high battery consumption?

VigieApp has been designed to ensure optimal battery efficiency while maintaining a high level of protection. Thus, even with all the protection services activated (such as worker down detection, absence of movement, or loss of connection for example), VigieApp consumes less than 3% of battery per hour.

Can I locate lone workers?

When an alarm is triggered, the location of the lone worker is transmitted to the security officer to promptly check and provide assistance. However, in compliance with data protection regulations, the worker’s location remains private and is not made public unless an alarm is triggered.

Does the application work on Wi-Fi?

Yes, the application is designed to operate without mobile connectivity, using a Wi-Fi system instead.

What are lone workers?

A lone worker is someone that can’t be seen or heard by another person while he is working. It doesn’t need to be a long period, it could even be a few minutes. All activities are concerned with working alone. For example, it could be a delivery driver, a housekeeper in a hotel, or a construction worker. Nowadays a lot of people work in remote locations and are considered lone workers. Considering this, it becomes crucial for employers to incorporate this aspect into their management policies and safety systems. They should establish measures to minimize the exposure of their employees to hazardous situations, thereby effectively managing the potential occurrence of workplace incidents. The employer holds the responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of its employees, encompassing both their protection and the prevention of any hazard.

Is lone working illegal in Canada?

There are no general provisions under the legislation outlined in the Code that restrict or prohibit employees from working alone. However, employers by law shall ensure the health and safety at work of every person employed. Moreover, several specific situations prohibit employees from working alone, including certain types of electrical work, repairs or maintenance work on a machine that cannot reasonably be locked out, and the operation of materials handling equipment with an obstructed view. More details on CCOHS’website.

Is lone workers a hazard?

One of the primary risks related to working alone is when an accident occurs. When you’re working with co-workers, you can receive care rapidly from your colleagues if you have an accident. When you are working alone nobody will assist you and the more you wait for help the higher is the risk of serious damage. This situation is also true for those who work remotely from home, especially if they live alone. It could take a long time before someone realizes the worker is missing. So, being a lone worker doesn't mean danger but if you are not equipped correctly, you can’t reach rescue to get help and the situation can be very serious.

Which industries can potentially benefit from the implementation of those lone workers’ safety products?

Regardless of their workplace, these systems impact every staff member who works alone. For example, it includes industries like Transportation (or any other work involving a vehicle) & Logistics, Health Care, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture, Estate Agents, and Surveyors, Biological & Chemical, Oil & Gas (or any sector that include exposure to dangerous chemical products), Safety & Security, Employee Health, etc. The safety of lone workers is a concern for all industries necessitating the implementation of prevention and protection measures within their management process.
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