Neovigie Lone Worker solutions on Preventica Lyon 2021

Neovigie Lone Worker solutions on Preventica Lyon 2021

In June 2021, Neovigie was at the PREVENTICA trade fair in Lyon Eurexpo to present its lone worker solutions for safety at work!

During Preventica Lyon last June, a leading trade show for health, safety and quality of life at work, Neovigie presented its new solutions for the protection of lone workers and teleworkers.
Meet us soon at Preventica Lille from September 8 to 30, 2021, then at Preventica Paris from November 30 to December 2, 2021.

At Préventica Lyon, the public concerned about the safety and security of its workers and teleworkers was very interested in lone worker protection solutions such as alert devices.

Neovigie's strength is to offer a complete range of lone worker alert solutions with a safety application for mobile phone, a dedicated alert device and a web portal for alarms monitoring.

Thus, an employer can provide his employees with a device that corresponds to the requirements and constraints of their job. For instance, a technician on the move, exposed to isolated work in environments that he does not master or know, will appreciate more a terminal dedicated to sending alerts for its robustness and ease of use. While an office worker, occasionally working from home, will appreciate installing a safety application on a smartphone to quietly trigger an alert if necessary.

At Preventica Lyon in June 2021, Neovigie presented its safety application for iOS or Android phones with the VigieApp® solution as well as its prototype of the alarm device VigieLink®.

Two lone worker alarm devices offering a manual SOS alarm and automatic alarms (fall, absence of movement, positive security, indoor location and outdoors location, etc.), the particularity of which is the quality of triggering.

No more untimely alarms! With Neovigie, the detection algorithms are thoroughly tested and corrected to limit false alarms and allow everyone to do their job serenely.

If you also want to know more about alarms: positive security, lifeline, floating button SOS alarm ... or our solutions for lone worker safety our teams advise you and offer you a free demonstration. Go to the Contact page.