We protect workers!

  • Detect accidents and assaults
  • Automatically alert the emergency services
  • Restore confidence in your teams
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Lone workers Solution
Simplicity and performance

Companies use Neovigie to protect employees and restore confidence.
Neovigie revolutionizes lone workers' protection. We use the latest technology to protect your employees and deal with all hazards. Intelligent detection of falls and aggression. Simultaneous transmission of alerts to all your operators directly through our servers.

Put a smile back on your employees' faces, and make security and simplicity go hand in hand. Because an alarm solution you don't like is a solution you don't use! We have succeeded in offering a professional-level solution while maintaining incredible simplicity.
Safety as Service
Our offer is a software solution hosted in the cloud as a subscription. This means that it requires no installation and no maintenance. You can adjust your configuration in real-time directly from your web interface.
Respect Privacy
We place great importance on privacy. We only collect data that is essential for the provision of our security service. All data collected is encrypted and stored on secure servers.
96 %
Satisfied clients
0.95 second
Average alarm time
99 .98%
Availability time of our servers
Features that make us unique
Fall detection
benefit from a high-performance algorithm trained with natural falls to reduce false alarms significantly.
Simplify the task of lone workers and remind them to activate the protection according to their schedule.
Removal of doubt
Call the lone worker directly on his phone without him having to pick up the phone.
Analyze the level of engagement of your teams to ensure their level of protection.
Zone without mobile coverage
Protect your lone workers with the lifeline function even in areas without mobile coverage.
Certify your employee’s devices so that they can activate their protection with a simple click.
Multi-channel alerting
Secure the transmission of your alerts through multiple communication channels.
Remote monitoring
Entrust the management of your lone worker alarms to our partner Securitas with several 24/7 remote monitoring centers.
Indoor location
Locate your employees precisely in buildings, including floors, to save time for rescue.
Configuration steps
Step 1
I send my test
request online.
Step 2
I configure my customer account with Neovigie in less than 1 hour.
Step 3
My employees activate their new safety solution by SMS in 1 click.
Many of you have asked us about the protection of lone workers. Please find here our answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Which smartphones are compatible with the Neovigie solution?
The VigieApp mobile application is available for Android (version 8 and up) and iPhone (iOS 12 and up) smartphones.
Does VigieApp consume much battery?
VigieApp has been designed to optimize battery consumption without reducing the level of protection. Thus, even with all the protection services activated (fall detection, absence of movement, loss of connection), VigieApp consumes less than 3% battery per hour.
Can I locate lone workers?
When an alarm is triggered, the position of the lone worker is transmitted to the security officer to assist as soon as possible.
Does the application work on wifi?
Yes, the application can work without a SIM card by connecting to a wifi network.
Request for information
For any question or request for information, please contact us via the following form.