Lone worker safety app and device : Industry

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The mission of industrial companies is to transform raw materials into finished products, through the action of processes employing people and machines. Today, industry is so efficient that people are less and less present on the production sites. There are therefore many lone workers. The division of the continuous activity into 3 sessions of 8 hours each favours situations of isolation. However, employees are required to use production, cutting and clamping machines, the handling of which presents a major risk. Alone and surrounded by several machines, the employee's loneliness can have an impact on their psychological reactions. They may react inappropriately to an unforeseen event. Every effort must be made to ensure that the isolated employee can request and obtain assistance as soon as possible.

We designed and optimised our DATI-PTI solutions to enable lone workers in the industrial sector to carry out their mission in complete safety and to be rescued as quickly as possible using advanced functionalities.