Lone worker App and device : Teleworking

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Teleworking concerns employees who work at least part of their time away from the company premises. This form of organisation is attractive because of its flexibility, but it does not exempt the employer from his obligations in terms of occupational risk prevention. It must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of all its employees. The home office rarely meets the health and safety standards required in the workplace. Unsuitable working space, narrow passageways or the safety of electrical installations can present a major risk. This leads to dangerous situations, amplified by the isolation situation. The teleworking employee must be able to benefit from the assistance of his employer as if he were in the company. For this, he can use a PTI solution for isolated workers.

We have designed and optimised our solutions to enable teleworking employees to carry out their mission in complete security and to be rescued as quickly as possible with the help of advanced functionalities.