Lone workers safety solution : logistics and transport

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Transport profession

Logistics is one of the sectors with a high risk factor and accident severity. Manual handling and repetitive movements are part of the daily life of order pickers, drivers, warehouse workers, warehouse managers, etc. These positions are generally those of lone workers and can be a source of accidents. The risks increase when personnel are out of sight of supervisors. This may simply concern an employee who is travelling by vehicle or on foot within the logistics platform. Similarly, when working at height, often using mechanical equipment, they also expose themselves to the risk of falling. It is therefore essential to equip them with a dead man's handle when they use a forklift truck, for example.

Similarly, the transport sector exposes its lone workers to isolated work since it relies on day and night travel. The risks mainly concern road accidents and assaults, especially since transport professionals are most often alone in their vehicles. There are also a significant number of accidents, particularly falls, occurring during manoeuvres on delivery platforms when the vehicle is stationary. Lone worker safety solution are particularly recommended for this type of lone worker.

We have designed and optimised our lone worker safety solutions to enable logistics and transport professionals to work safely and be rescued as quickly as possible using advanced accident detection functionalities.