VigieControlTM - Management platform

The management web platform VigieControlTM gives you easy access from a simple Web browser, to Neovigie platform services: visualisation of the status of terminals and current alarms, location of users in difficulty, configuration setting of the different types of alarms for each user or group of users, definition of alarm event response procedures, in case of emergencies.

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Recording of the user routes

It is possible to view the history of a user route to analyse events after they occurred.

SMS notification

In the event of an alarm trigger, it is possible to send an SMS message to one or several persons according to a predefined order to warn them of the distress situation.

Push notification

The persons in charge of the supervision and security can install the smartphone application on their phones to receive the alarms directly.

Telephone notification

It is possible to notify the triggering of an alarm to the security officer by an automatic telephone call.

Email notification

In addition to the other means of alerts, it is possible to notify the triggering of alarms by sending one or several emails to the security officer.


The Neovigie solution is compatible with the Securitas platform, world leader for security.

For users who subscribe to this option, if an alarm is triggered, the event will be notified 7/7 days and 24/24 hours to one of the Securitas remote monitoring center, which will clarify any doubts and will trigger, if necessary, an intervention to bring assistance to the lone worker.

The Securitas monitoring stations are certified as APSAD type P3 (the most demanding level in terms of structure and registration of data), and the Central monitoring Station in Paris is also certified as Confidential Defence and Secret Defence.

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Intuitive management

The VigieControl web platformTM has been designed to allow intuitive management. The essential functions for the management of alarms are accessible by a single click. The platform is accessible from any Web browser without the need to install specific software.


The users can be located through their GPS position on a map to send them assistance.

Route registration

The positions of the users can be recorded to be able to visualise and analyse later the route that they followed.

Tracking mode

The tracking mode allows keeping the map automatically centred on one user to be able to track him.

Sending a message

It is possible to send messages from the platform to one or more users.

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Our solutions

NEOVIGIE is an alarm management platform for professionals. It consists of a secure server hosted in the cloud, which can be accessed by a web browser and two types of warning devices to adapt to the needs of all employees: a smartphone application compatible with phones with an iOS or Android operating system or a waterproof and shock-resistant dedicated unit (DATI) running on 2G/4G or LTE-M.