VigieAppTM - Alarm application for a smartphone

The VigieApp applicationTM is a smartphone application compatible with the phones running iOS and Android. VigieAppTM allows you to ensure the safety and the security of workers very simply. Once installed on the collaborator’s phone, the application will be able to transmit up to 8 types of different alarms on the Neovigie platform. Freed from any constraint, your employees will be able to perform their missions safely, with the security of knowing they have a warning device in the event of a problem as required by the law.

Secure mode

The application has a reinforced secure mode which can be modified by a specific configuration to increase the level of protection.

Manual alarm

A visible button, with extremely simple access, allows you to trigger a manual alarm.

Positive security

The Neovigie platform continuously checks the status of the smartphone. If the link is lost, an alarm is triggered automatically.

Outdoor GPS location

The Neovigie application transmits the GPS position of the user to geolocate him in the case of an emergency and to provide him with assistance.

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Loss of verticality

An ultra-efficient algorithm, using the data provided by the phone sensors, enables the detection of the loss of verticality of the user in the event of a fall.

Motion detection

The application can detect the smallest movements of the phone and thus trigger an alarm if the latter moves.

Absence of movement

The application can detect the absence of movement of the phone after a configurable period.

Indoor Bluetooth location

The user can be located in the buildings by using the Bluetooth location beacons.

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Compatible application
iOS & Android

The VigieApp application VigieAppTM was designed to be compatible with phones operating with iOS and Android.

Simplified configuration
and customisable

Each user can have its own settings. Thanks to the SaaS software architecture, the new settings are immediately taken into account by the terminals that use it.

VigieControlTM - Management platform

The management web platform VigieControlTM allows the easy access from a simple Web browser to all the services of the Neovigie platform: visualisation of the status of terminals and current alarms, location of users in difficulty, configuration setting of the different types of alarms for each user or group of users, definition of procedures of alarms to apply in the event of an emergency situation.

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User security & respect

Our solution is consistent with the recommendations of the General Security Reference (RGS) of the ANSSI (French security agency) to ensure the protection of data against cyber-attacks.

Our equipment is designed to respect the privacy of the users: only the information necessary for the safety of your collaborators is stored, and the position of the people is visible only in the event of an alarm.

This guarantee of personal data protection leads to greater use of DATI/PTI (Alarm Device / Protection for Lone Worker) units and allows a better level of security for all of your company and your employees.

The Neovigie solution complies with Regulation No 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

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