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Neovigie is part of the LPI group which has 50 years of experience in the development, production, and marketing of high-tech communication systems, especially with its subsidiary ICOM France.

  • A commercial network developed throughout France and with relays in the major European countries and Africa.
  • A perfect knowledge of safety issues thanks to the prestigious clients of the group (Ministries, multinationals, Securitas, United Nation…).
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Simplicity - Ready & Easy to use

Neovigie offers security solutions with a clear objective: high tech to support user friendly interface. With our turnkey products, in Saas mode, we have it all set up for you. Our system operates around the world without special installation.



Based in Toulouse, where one of the largest pool of engineers in Europe is located, Neovigie brings together the best talent for R&D, production, and online support.

Certifications & Awards:
Neovigie won the 1st Prize Orange Developer Challenge

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Safety & Connection reliability

Our equipment, designed from its creation for resilience and maximum resistance to external threats, offers an ultra-secure work environment for your employees and your communications.

Quality, resistance, equipment reliability: all our products are manufactured in France. Furthermore, Neovigie benefits from the know-how of its sister company ICOM France, supplier of ultra-robust equipment in the sectors where resistance is a key factor (BTP, Waters & Forests…).

Thanks to the alarm monitoring system which provides visualisation of all available alarms in real time, for all connected people, the Neovigie equipment allows each employee to become an actor in the security of its company and react more quickly without waiting for help.

Security - Respect of the Privacy

Our solution is consistent with the recommendations of the General Security Reference (RGS) of the ANSSI (French security agency) to ensure the protection of data against cyber-attacks.

Our equipment is designed to respect the privacy of the users: only the information necessary for the safety of your collaborators is stored, and the position of the people is visible only in the event of an alarm.

This guarantee of personal data protection leads to greater use of DATI/PTI (Alarm Device / Protection for Lone Worker) units and allows a better level of security for all of your company and your employees.

The Neovigie solution complies with Regulation No 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

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