Secure your workers
Neovigie is an innovative app designed to improve the security of worker and sensistive places (schools, theatres…)
NEOVIGIE offers a full set of features for security
The Neovigie is based on a client-server architecture, allowing the user to be protected even when there is no more cellular network. When an alarm is triggered manually or automatically (mandown) an alarm message with the GPS position is sent by email, SMS or a phone call to the rescue task force.
Secure mode
Manual alarm
Loss of connection
Man down alarm
GPS activation
Loss of movement
Indoor Zone alarm
GPS Zone alarm
Receive the GPS position of workers
Localize phone using the app on a map
Monitor the state of each app
Manage your fleet of users to keep them safe
A dedicated website allows users monitoring in real time the state of each app and localize workers on a map. A geofencing module can trigger alarms when users get in or get out of a specific area.
Manage your fleet all the time
The website, specially adapted for smartphones, allows to add apps on the fly and manage existing apps of a fleet very easily.
Alarm management
Real time tracking allows Neovigie users to be rescued rapidly. When an alarm is received, the phone using the app will be located on a map. A list of alarms with the type of alarm received allows managing alarms by priority.
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